China Telecom

Company Size

China Telecom Group is a national communication oversized enterprise in China. It is the global partner of the Shanghai Expo. It was one of the 500 largest companies for many years. Its main business includes internet access, satellite communications, fixed telephony, mobile communication and etc., to provide integrated information services. At the end of 2009, the number of users of fixed telephone lines is 0.199 billion, mobile phone user (CDMA) is 69.45 million, the user frequency range is 69.74 million, and the total amount of assets of the company is 638.2 billion. And it has 719 thousand employees.


The group was once a state monopoly, but it is now divided into largely independent of the provincial companies. Its assets in 10 provinces of the north country have been taken to China Netcom in 2002 (now China Unicom), keeping China Telecom with the 21 southern provinces. Although both companies are free to compete across the country, China Telecom still possess overpowering market share in the south, while China Unicom rules the north. The Group has been developed from a network provider based traditional service provider to information service provider from 2004. It keeps a coherent and healthy developing integrated information services and other sound business, precise management and resource allocation improvement. Especially after 2008, the revolution of the telecommunications system, the group highlights the strategy of innovation and progress in different ways, successfully accesses the mobile market, and recognizes the good start of the company. In 2010, it directed the income of 249.996 billion (including initial installation costs), with the boost by 9.77%, and accounts unvoiced sound business for 55.8% of total earnings, an increased by 7.8%.


Now, the Group agencies established branches in 31 provinces (regions, cities) and Hong Kong, Europe, America, Macao, etc. It has the corporate network communication of information that can cover the inner region and reach anywhere in the world. It built 3G CDMA network, which is the huge network in the world. It is also the first network marketed in the country and covers the largest network of state.

Internet Traffic Redirection

In April 8, 2010, the company rerouted about 15% of Internet traffic by foreign servers in China. Traffic contained commercial sites of Yahoo, Microsoft and Dell, as well as public administration and the armed forces of the United States of websites. the company denied any diversion of Internet traffic.


The group has the largest single WiFi system wireless broadband offering more facilities to 31,000 bars over 357 major Chinese cities, including Shanghai, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Dalian, Nanning, Chongqing and Wuhan.

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