Motorola Timeport 7689

Motorola Timeport 7689

P7689 - Tri-Band Mobile Phone

GSM 900/ 1800/ 1900 Tri-band technology *
Supports English Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) *
3 minutes VoiceNoteTM memo recorder (including dialogue recording)
IrDA for connecting PC for data transmission (supports Win 95/98)
Starfish TrueSync Software for synchronising phone book (English name and phone no.), and the flexibility to compose SMS messages on computer
New user interface with animation display

Date book
Voice Recognition dialing (25 voice tags in phonebook)
Voice Recognition operation (9 voice tags in quick access key)
Divert voice calls scheduler
Voice Note Alarm Scheduler
300 phone book memory locations and 1000 date book records
Editable music ring tone which is deliverable by SMS
Games: Baccarat/ Brick/ Tower of Hanoi

Blue LED
Built-in answering machine
Silver, Aluminium, Titanium & Graphite colours for selection.

Standard Li ion Battery ** Talk Time 120-210(mins), Standby 45-150(hrs)

* Network dependent features
** All times are approximate and will vary depending on network configuration, SIM card and the function selected.

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