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Even in times of WhatsApp and Co., a voicemail is useful so that colleagues, friends and relatives can easily leave you a message at any time, even if you are not available. We'll let you how you can set up your mailbox in our article.

Your voice mail box can be switched on directly with your mobile operator. To do this, you enter a certain key combination that differs from provider to provider.

  • Telecom : ** 62 * 3311 #
  • Vodafone : 5500271 #
  • O2 / Telefonica : ** 004 * 333 #

Once you have entered the key combination, you tap the green button as to make a call. Your mailbox is then activated.

Here we take Germany as an example. Then, you know what similar code or instructions or functions your country network providers may have. 

Activate mailbox on iOS

The procedure is very simple for iPhones . In most cases voice mail is already set up and all you have to do is configure it:

  1. Open the phone app.
  2. Tap Voicemail in the lower right.
  3. Tap Set up now and follow the on-screen instructions.

The practical thing about Voicemail on the iPhone: You see all the messages you have left like a voice message and can listen to them again and again.

Activte mailbox on Android

There is no uniform solution for Android smartphones :

Activate mailbox at Samsung

Open the phone app

Go to Settings> More Settings> Call Forwarding> Voice Call. There you will find four options for forwarding calls to your mailbox.

Choose an option and enter your mailbox number.

Activate mailbox at Huawei

  • Open the phone app.
  • Press and hold the 1.
  • A window will appear. Confirm with OK.
  • Tap SIM 1 or SIM 2 , then tap Mailbox.
  • Tap Voicemail and enter the number.
  • Tap Ok.

Activate mailbox at Xiao Mi or Redmi

  • Press and hold the number 1
  • If your voicemail is not set up, select Add number
  • Select Service
  • Select My carrier
  • Select Setup
  • Select Voicemail number
  • Enter the Voicemail number and select OK

More smartphones voice mail setting

voice mailIf your voicemail function is activated, a menu appears on the left side.

More helpful keyboard shortcuts

The time until the mailbox accepts a call can also be lengthened and shortened using a key combination:

  • Telecom : ** 61 * 3311 * 11 * [time] #
  • Vodafone : ** 61 * 5500 * 11 * [time] #
  • O2 / Telefonica : ** 61 * 333 ** [time] #

Then you tap on the green call button. Instead of [time] you assign one of the following values: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30. The information is given in seconds.

Deactivate mailbox

You can set up your mailbox with a specific key combination. It is deactivated in the same way:

  • Telecom: ## 002 #
  • Vodafone: 5500272 #
  • O2: ## 002 #

Switch off mailbox


  • The annoying voicebox
  • Switch mailbox off / on via control code
  • Switch mailbox off / on via call/speed dial
  • Possibilities yet and further
  • Short and sweet

Your smartphone only rings twice and the answering machine goes on? That can be pretty annoying. We'll explain to you how you can turn off the mailbox at Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica.

The annoying voice mail

It hardly leaves any time to answer, then there are constant annoying notifications about missed calls and not only via a display on the smartphone but also via SMS? Welcome to your mailbox. What used to be considered important and should not be missing on any landline phone is now mostly just annoying. Calling the mailbox abroad can even be really expensive, so you should know how to set up your mailbox according to your needs and how to deactivate it most easily. Because with a finely adjusted voice mail, the annoying thing can even become a helpful companion.

Very important to use your Voicemail: You have to know your network provider!

If you are not sure in which network you are calling and surfing, you can easily find out. Because which network is used depends on the cell phone provider and what cell phone tariff you have. For vendors like WinSIM or Smart Mobile is not always easy to tell whether the Vodafone - or Telefónica -Netz is used. 

Switch mailbox off / on via control code

  • Telecom
  • Vodafone
  • Telefónica

Switch mailbox off / on via call/speed dial

  • Telecom
  • Vodafone
  • Telefónica

Switch mailbox off / on via control code

Whether with iPhone or Samsung : The easiest way to set the mailbox according to your own requirements is to enter various control codes, or even GSM codes. They differ depending on the cell phone provider. So you have to know in which network you are traveling so that you can manage your mailbox. Then all you have to do is open the phone app on your smartphone, enter the code and confirm with the call button.

Deactivate the mailbox in the Telekom network

To set up the Magenta mobile box according to your wishes, you just have to have a few codes ready.

If you…

Want to deactivate the mailbox, select


Want to switch the mailbox back on,


You can make further detailed settings for the Telekom voicebox:

If you…

Want to turn off the mailbox, when

the line is busy


Want to activate the mailbox, when

the line is busy

choose 67*3311#

Deactivate the mailbox at Vodafone

At Vodafone there are other asterisk and diamond combinations that you can use to set the mailbox.

If you…

Want to switch off the mailbox, select


Want to switch the mailbox back on, 

choose *002#

You can also make more individual settings:

Want to turn off the mailbox, when

the line is busy


Want to activate the mailbox, when

the line is busy


Switch mailbox off / on via call / speed dial

Another variant, which you can use just as easily as GSM codes, is to call the voicebox directly. You can make many settings by entering numbers or speed dialing. These are of course different depending on the provider. You can also make changes to call diversion and call forwarding here.

Deactivate the mailbox at Telekom

In order to get into the menu of the magenta mailbox, the number 3311 must be pressed with the handset button. Various settings can be made from here:

If you…

Want to switch off the mailbox, 


Want to switch on the mailbox


Deactivate the voice mail at Vodafone

To switch off the voice mail at Vodafone, you must first dial 5500 . This is how you get to the main menu of the mailbox. You can get through the menu with these shortcuts:

If you...

Want to switch off the mailbox, 


Want to switch on the mailbox


But there are other options available to you:

If you…

Want to turn off SMS messages about missed calls


Want to activate SMS messages about missed calls


Possibilities still and further

Each provider provides many codes. So you can make further settings within call diversion or call forwarding. You can find the speed dials and codes in the sources at the end of the text. Just click on the respective mobile phone provider. It doesn't matter which mobile phone contract you have. If the call diversion is set up correctly, the caller does not wait forever before realizing that no one is answering.

All network operators also offer a professional voice mail or Mailbox Pro, with which even more options are offered. Call diversions or call forwarding can then be carried out more individually and the voice memory is also larger. Cell phone tariffs, automatic data transmission or all-network flat rates are not relevant when using it. However, sometimes a basic fee is due.

Short and sweet

Call forwarding or voice mail settings: mobile phone tariffs and mobile phone contracts are independent of the voicebox, which is usually free. A basic fee may only apply for professional mailboxes from the individual mobile phone providers. The easiest way to deactivate mailbox and call diversion is to use the GSM codes listed above . But speed dials are also easy and the announcements can be easily understood.

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