Taiwan Data SIM Card

- 5 or 30 days Unlimited Data Plan

We have updated the SIM card as the following: 

Aerobile Taiwan Prepaid SIM 4G High Speed Unlimited Data 7 days - Hot Taiwan SIM Card Powered by T-Star Telecom

taiwan data sim card

10 Days Taiwan Data SIM Card

  • From carrier - Chunghwa Telecom
  • Unlimited 4GLTE high speed data plan
  • Free incoming calls
  • Include TWD100 local calls credit
  • Use for 10 days after activating

7 Days Data SIM Card

  • From carrier - Chunghwa Telecom
  • Unlimited 3G speed data plan
  • Doesn't support voice calls. Data only
  • Use for 7 days after activating

Other Features:

  • Without registration, no contract
  • Support Tethering (IOS system to a higher level, some cases can not turn on a personal hotspot. Other systems such as Android or Windows can normally use hotspots)
  • Regular, micro and nano, three in one SIM card. You can use it in different devices
  • Compatibility: works on 3G / 4G devices (Unlocked smartphone, tablet, mobile Wi-Fi modem & USB modem)

How to Activate:

Just insert the SIM card to your phone and turn it on. In the most cases, data will be connected automatally. Or, you can set up APN as 'internet' for 10 days cards; '3gnet' for 7 days cards.


How to Make or Receive Calls:

Please note that voice calls is for 10 days data cards. 7 days cards is data only.

Call to Taiwan fixed line: dial area code + phone number. For example, Taibei 02 + 2258xxxx. Call to Taiwan mobile number: dial 0 + mobile number. For example, dial 0 + 9xxxxxxxx

Receiving calls: others in your home country dial internationa outgoing prefix + Taiwan code 886 + your mobile number. People in Taiwan directly dial your mobile number.


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