Beijing Prepaid SIM Card FAQ

Q. We plan to purchase the Beijing Prepaid SIM card for $29.  My son will be traveling with school to China in June. They will be in Beijing for 3-4 days and in Luoyang for the other days. I would think while they are in Luoyang, the rates will be the rates for long distance in China at $.08/minute.  Is this correct?

A. This is correct. However, the China Mobile SIM Card has replaced the Beijing SIM card. Now the rate is the same as the Beijing one execpt incoming calls is $0.07 per minute anywhere in China.

If you need all incoming calls free in any Chinese cities. You may order this SIM card.

Q. My son and his friend are both planning to purchase this Beijing SIM card. They will be able to text each other at the rates you emailed me with this card?  Is that correct?  I saw something on your website regarding a GPRS enabled SIM card.  Is that needed for text messaging in China or does that refer to a data plan or texting internationally, like to the US?

A. The text rate between two China SIM cards is $0.03 per message;receiving is free.  Text messaging in China does not refer to a data plan. The SIM card has this feature. Usage credit is drawn from balance. As for activating the service, is this something they do when they get to China?

No need to activate. We already activate the SIM card.

Q. They will know their phone number when they receive the card in the US but they won't actually insert the SIM card until they get to China, correct?

A. This is correct.

Q. Also it looks like to activate the Free Incoming Calls in Beijing for $1.50, that should be done via email before he leaves for the trip.  Forhim, he can contact you in May to activate this service for June.  Is that correct? 

A. There is no free incoming calls at the moment. Incoming calls is $0.07per minute no matter in which cities.

Q. And lastly, to activate the International Call Function, you do that via a text message when you get to China and have at least $32 on your account. This function is needed to call the US from the Beijing phone number, correct?

A.Yes, but the function we can activate for them in advance. 

Q. Do you know when your website will be updated with the current rates and current SIM cards you have available?  My son and one of his friends are planning to each order one of these cards but it would be easier if I could direct them to a place where they can easily see all the rates and that the card does have an $8 credit on it.

A. The calling rate to USA has been updated on webpage below.

Now the rate is $0.18 per minute. Calling method is dial 12593 00 1 area code and phone number.

Q. When we order the cards, they will each have $8 credit to use on each card.  I (and the other friend's parents) want to add the additional airtime to each phone prior to them leaving for China so we can have the international call feature activated and so that the kids don't have to worry about adding the airtime.  I am a little confused about how we would do that, so if you could please give me more explanation of adding airtime minutes and activating the international feature that would be great.

A. 'The SIM card has pre-stored $8.00 call credit' has been added on Feature Section.

When you order the SIM cards, please choose airtime units too as additional airtime credit on the same order form. Please write 'need international call feature activated' on the message section. Then, we would activate the feature.

Q. So you do not have a Beijing SIM card anymore?  We would just need to order the China SIM card and then do I just follow the rates on that card? 

A. Yes we don't sell Beijing SIM cards anymore. The reason is that the Beijing card can not dial international calls anymore. The China Mobile National SIM Card's rate including international call rates is the same as the Beijing card execpt its incoming calls is not free in Beijing. 

Sorry the rates table on China SIM card/national has not updtated yet. 

Q. They are higher for the calls to the US from China than what I saw on the Beijing card.  Also is there any pre-stored credit on the China SIM card?  The Beijing card had a pre-stored credit of $8.00.  Also the text messaging on the China SIM card says $.01/domestic message--your email said the text messages were $.03/domestic message and that incoming text messages were free.  Which rates are correct? 

A. The pre-stored credit on the China SIM card/national is $8.00 too.  $.01/domestic message is correct. I apologize for typo on my email.

Q. I was planning to have my son use the China number and SIM card for most of his calls while he is in China but now that the rates are different, I have to make sure I understand all the costs.  The China SIM does not have any connection fee costs per call (either incoming or outgoing), correct? 

A. No connection fee costs per call (either incoming or outgoing). 

Q. I do apologize for so many questions but this is new to me and I am trying to make the best decision for my son.  We are planning to buy a GSM 850/900/1800/1900 quad band unlocked cell phone.  From what I am reading your SIM card should work in this phone.  The phone we are buying can operate two SIM cards at the same time.  We are planning to use the China SIM as the primary but the other SIM card will give him a US number which will be helpful for us while he is in China.  Does this sound like it should be ok? 

A.It should be Ok. 

Q. Are you familiar with two SIM cards operating at the same time?  Will he need to have two address books on contacts? 

A. Dual-SIM operation allows the use of two services without the need to carry two phones at the same time. For example, the same handset can be used for business and private use with separate numbers and bills; or for travel, with an additional SIM for the country visited. Using multiple SIM cards allows the user to take advantage of different pricing plans for calls and text messages to certain destinations as well as mobile data usage.

He can have two address books on contacts. One address book is saved on each SIM card. 

Q. Do you know if the China phone number will still be a Beijing number?

A. The China phone number is not a Beijing number; it a national number.

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