China Mobile Store in Anhui Province

China Mobile store Anhui province addresses, phone numbers in Bengbu, Huainan, Ma'anshan, Huaibei, Tongling, Anqing, Huangshan, Fuyang, Suzhou, Chuzhou, Lu'an, Xuancheng, Bozhou, Chizhou, Hefei, and Wuhu.

City/CountyDistrictStore NameTelephoneAddress
BengbuUrban areaYan'an Road Business Hall13721181861No. 1211 Yan'an Road, Bengbu City, Anhui Province
Huainan CityTianjia'an DistrictDongshan Middle Road Business Hall0554-2190497No. 18-1, Dongshan Middle Road, Tianjia'an District, Huainan City
Huainan CityShou CountyShou County Cross Street Business Hall0554-276896650 meters west of Shijiekou, Shouchun Town, Shou County
Ma'anshanHuashan DistrictSouth Lake Road Business Hall13485554800No. 158, Hudong Road, Huashan District, Ma'anshan City
Huaibei CityXiangshan DistrictHuaibei City Renmin Road Business Hall13856194441No. 188, Renmin Road, Xiangshan District, Huaibei City
Huaibei CityXiangshan DistrictHuaibei City Huaihai Road Business Hall13856140029No. 57 Huaihai Middle Road, Xiangshan District, Huaibei City
TonglingTongguanshan DistrictTongling City Yi'an Road Business Hall139559199022nd Floor, Triumph Palace, Building 37, East Renmin Road, Tongguanshan District, Tongling City (diagonally opposite Fortune Plaza)
AnqingYingjiang DistrictAnqing Renmin Road Business Hall13905560164No. 529, Renmin Road, Anqing City (next to Zun Yue Hotel, Anqing City)
Huangshan CityTunxi DistrictHuangshan East Road Business Hall13695591860No. 137 Huangshan East Road, Huangshan City
Huangshan CityHuangshan DistrictPinghu East Road Business Hall13515591860No. 1 Pinghu East Road, Huangshan District, Huangshan City
Fuyang CityYingzhou DistrictBusiness Hall, Qinghe East Road, Fuyang City13956742423No. 246 Qinghe East Road, Yingzhou District, Fuyang City
Suzhou CitySi CountyBianhe Avenue Business Hall13955770004Bianhe Avenue, Dongguan, Si County (opposite to Hongjun County, Dongcheng)
Suzhou CityLingbiJianshe South Road Business Hall13485571411Mobile Business Hall opposite Hongtai Century City, Jianshe South Road, Lingbi County
Suzhou CityXiao CountyZhongshan Road Business Hall13905576054No. 66, Zhongshan North Road, Xiao County
Suzhou CityDangshan CountyEast Renmin Road Business Hall13866581426The intersection of Renmin East Road and Yanxi Road, Dangshan County Economic Development Zone
Suzhou CityYongqiao DistrictBianhe Middle Road Business Hall0557-2328254No. 699, Middle Bianhe Road, Suzhou City
Chuzhouurban areaFengyang Road Business Hall13855081860No. 99, Fengyang Road, Chuzhou City
ChuzhouTianchang CityErfeng Road Business Hall139550921133rd Road, Erfeng Road, Tianchang City, Chuzhou
Lu'anYu'an DistrictJiefang Road Business Hall158056411552nd Floor, Building 6, Tiancheng Boutique City, No. 79, Jiefang South Road, Yu'an District, Lu'an City (Wupaili Lane)
Lu'anJin'an DistrictMeishan Road Business Hall13865770138101, Binhe Yujing Phase II, Meishan Middle Road, Jin'an District, Lu'an City (China Mobile Business Hall on the first floor of Hongda Electric Appliances next to the Bell Tower)
Xuanchengurban areaAofeng Road Business Hall13805630906No. 3 Aofeng West Road, Xuancheng District
XuanchengNingguoBeiyuan Road Business Hall13695634605Beiyuan Road Business Hall, 1st Floor, Building 7, Jinyuan Plaza, Beiyuan Road, Ningguo City
BozhouQiaocheng DistrictQiaoling Road Business Hall13956721860100 meters north of State Taxation Bureau, Weiwu Avenue, Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City
ChizhouGuichi DistrictQiupu Middle Road Business Hall0566-10086No. 192, Qiupu Middle Road, Guichi District, Chizhou City
HefeiShushan DistrictChangjiang West Road Business Hall13966737530No. 99, Changjiang West Road, Shushan District, Hefei City
HefeiLuyang DistrictFour Pailou Business Hall13856978833No. 31 Huizhou Avenue, Luyang District, Hefei City
Wuhuurban areaBeijing West Road Business Hall15905530116No. 30 Beijing West Road, Wuhu City
BengbuBengshan DistrictShengli Road Business Hall13955245646No. 76 Shengli Middle Road, Bengbu City, Anhui Province


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