China Cell Phone Rental Conditions

* You may reserve a phone as far in advance as you like but phone #s will only be provided via e-mail 4 weeks max. ahead of delivery of the phone. At the same time, your # is guaranteed to be sent to you via e-mail at least 5 days prior to your scheduled delivery date here in China. 

* To guarantee a rental, phone(s) it/they must be reserved and paid for at least 5 business days (Mon.-Fri.) in advance (prior to the scheduled delivery date). If you do not reserve ahead we will do the best we can to accommodate you but can not guarantee availability. 

* $10 processing fee will be applied if you cancel your confirmed order. Cancellations with fewer than 3 business days (72 hours Mon.-Fri.) warning will result in a 50% loss of the total rental fee, delivery charge and initial prepaid calling credit. Furthermore, no-shows or rentals cancelled with fewer than 24 hours notice will be charged IN FULL and will result in the loss of the rental fee, delivery charge & prepaid calling credit.

* Returned rental phones must be in a workable/reasonable condition and on the day that they are due. 

* Loss of or functional damage to the phone (ie. if you drop it in the bathtub, etc and it stops working correctly) may result in the loss of your $70 deposit.

* Loss of or damage to parts of the phone (back panel, battery, etc...) may result in partial loss of your $40 deposit. 

NOTE: Please keep in mind that we honestly do NOT want your deposit and it only serves to guarantee the safe return of the rental phone. The $40 USD deposit is the part of replacement value of the cell phone. We take some risks. All prices are in $ USD unless otherwise stated.

Thank you.

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