China 4G SIM FAQ

What is the currency on ?

The above page and linked order form is in AUD. Other pages on our site is in USD.

What is the size of the SIM card ?

It is a “3 in 1” size SIM card, which has standard, micro and nano size in one SIM card.

Can the SIM card support 4G network?

Yes, it supports GSM/WCDMA/LTE (2G/3G/4G) networks, please make sure your phone is unlocked.

Can I top up data after it is used up?

Yes, please visit to refill data, airtime and extend the validation period of the SIM card.

Do I need to cancel my China Unicom SIM card after I leave China?

No, no need to cancel your SIM card. The SIM card will be canceled after 90 days of first use automatically regardless if there is any balance on the card; unless you purchased “Keep your number” service to extend the validation period.

Do you sell the prepaid SIM card at the airport?

Currently, we don’t have resellers at airport; however, we have more than 100 hotels in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu that sell our SIM cards. The best way to buy the SIM card is to order it on, and have it delivered to your home or office !

Can you refund me the remaining balance because I will leave China soon?

Unfortunately, all Chinese operators don’t refund unused balance!

How to set the APN of my phone with android system in China for Internet access?

If you have an android device, you may need to configure the APN in order to access Internet. Here is how you configure APN on an android device: Go to wireless control-> Mobile Network Settings-> Wireless Access Points (WAP) name-> Menu-> New APN, then input information as below:

APN: 3gnet
MMS protocol:WAP 2.0
MCC: 460
MNC: 01
APN type:default

Finally, if you see 3gnet and 3gwap, just choose 3gnet, and you are done.

What is the validation period of the SIM card? How can I extend it ?

Validation period is 90 days after first use. Validation period can be extended on by purchasing “Keep your number” service.

Can I use my China Unicom SIM card outside China?

Yes, the international roaming feature is enabled on your China Unicom SIM card; however, international roaming tariff is rather expensive. We do not recommend you to use it as it will impact the balance of the service package on your SIM card, and even suspend your SIM card due to lower balance.

Can it be delivered to outside China, such as Singapore, India, Malaysia?

Yes, we can. 

Free delivery in Australia and New Zealand via the order form on 

Delivery to the rest world is via the order form on China 4G SIM Card

How long will it take to deliver to mainland China?

It takes about 2-3 business days to deliver the SIM card to most of the major cities in mainland China.

How can I track the delivery details?

The tracking number and your new China Unicom phone number will be provided once it has been sent out. 

Can you change the data package into balance because my phone cannot use data in China?

Unfortunately, we cannot make such change due to operator’s policy during the first 90 days. If you want to change the service package, you can do so after 90 days if you purchased the Keep your number service.

How to check my balance and data?

Just send text "101" to 10010 for airtime balance or send text "2082" to 10010 for data balance. These texts are free of charge.

Why I cannot get information although I have top up successfully and sent message”2082” to 10010?

Most of the time, this is due to system response timeout. Please avoid top-up in the beginning of each month, because there are many customers top up during that time, operator’s system has delays to respond. You can check it later.

Why I cannot use the data although I have refill 100RMB?

Balance cannot change into data directly, you have to refill data on, but if your SIM card was not bought from us, it will not allow you to refill data directly.

How do I make a call when traveling in mainland China?

• Call a Chinese mobile number: dial the 11 digit mobile number directly; Chinese mobile number all starts with 13../15../17../18… For example, call number 15680912345 directly.

• Call a Chinese fixed line number: dial 0 + area code + phone number, Beijing area code is 10, Shanghai is 21, Chengdu is 28; for example, calling a Chengdu fixed line number 85332544, dial 028 85332544. You can find more major Chinese tourist city area code information at the end of this manual.

• Make international calls: dial 00 or “+” + country code + phone number, for example, calling US number 617 346 1234, dial +1 617 346 1234.

How can people call me (this SIM number) when I’m in mainland China?

• People in mainland China can just dial your number directly, for example, 132 818 12345.

• People outside China needs to dial +86 plus your number, for example, +86 132 818 12345.


1. Please make sure your phone is unlocked

2. If you use personal Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi device, please make sure turn off cloud based back-up service like iCloud on devices connect with personal Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi device.

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