Ericsson A2618 GSM Cellular Phone

Ericsson A2618 GSM Phone

Phone Features

Full Graphic Display
Multi-Language Menu
Phone book in phone and on SIM
SMS templates
Status lists
Voice Answering
Voice Dialling

Network Features 

Advice of charge 
Call barring 
Call hold 
Call transfer 
Call waiting 
Calling Line Identification 
Conference call 
e-GSM (Extended GSM) 
Enhanced Full Rate Speech Coding 
Fixed Dialling Numbers 
Half Rate speech coding 
SIM Application Toolkit 
Two Line Service


Dual Band GSM 900 / GSM 1800 



Weight (Phone + Battery)

Standard Capacity Battery BSC-11: 140g
High Capacity Battery BHC-11: 140g

Power Management

Standard Capacity Battery BSC-11 

GSM 900

Talk Time: 4h
Standby Time: 110h

GSM 1800

Talk Time: 4h
Standby Time: 110h

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