Can I have a China prepaid roaming SIM working in Canada ?

by Boris

I am in now in Canada, but would like to have a local Chinese number on which I need to be able to receive SMS messages. If I buy a sim card from you, or a phone from you, and turn it on in Canada, will it work roaming and be able to receive sms ? What would be the cost of receiving 1 sms? Do you mail sim card or phone to Canada? To USA? What is the cheapest item that I can buy from you that will work for my needs?


We may recommend a virtual China mobile phone number to receive SMS in any countries. The number can be issued on the same day to use the service, (updated on Oct.16, 2020)

We have China mobile roaming SIM cards work in Canada. It can receive sms when you use the SIM card in an unlocked GSM cell phone.

Receiving sms is free of charge. We can mail the SIM card to Canada and we don't mail the phone at this moment.

'What is the cheapest item that I can buy from you that will work for my needs'?
The roaming SIM card is $38.00. To activate roaming feature before shipping,you need to buy addtional two airtime units on the same order form ( 2 x $19.00). The postage is $2.85.

Please find more destails at
China Mobile Roaming SIM Card

What is unlocked cell phone ?
Unlocked Cell Phone

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