Can't Receive Emails in China, Any Ideas ?

by Bob

Thank you for your help during my trip to China. The data package works really well.

I am using AT&T SIM to send emails and iMessages after I returned to the US. My friend in China, who is using Unicom SIM with data but without turning on the international option, however, cannot receive my email or iMessage. Both of us are using iPhone 6. I thought email and/or iMessage should work as long as my friend's iPhone has data enabled and activated? How come emails do not work even if he activates the data package?

Since you are a reliable friend helping me resolve a lot of SIM problems in China, would you kindly advise us what to do by using Unicom SIM (with data) in China to receive my email/iMessages sent from the US? Does my friend needs to activate the international calling to do this?

Thanks in advance, Harry. You have been like a friend after all these years even though we haven't met.

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