The SIM card needs big data working in China and Hong Kong

by Paul

I am coming from Australia to work in Shenzhen City, Guandong.

I will also spend time in Hong Kong. I will need a SIM card to use to call locally and also to call Australia. I would also like to have some data as well, maybe up to 1GB.

To use this SIM card I will be purchasing either an Android Tablet or a new unlocked dual SIM phone.

A prepaid card would be best as I will be in the country for monthly visits only, returning every second month.

Could you please supply me with the SIM cards you can offer to meet these needs. Could you also make a recommendation for the card that I should buy and the plan I should use.

I forgo to add this to my previous question.

I will need a SIM card that will work in Shenzhen and Hong Kong for phone calls both locally and to Australia. My phone is a Galaxy SII GT-I9100 and it wil be unlocked. It can be tethered to use as a data modem

I would also like to use the card with my laptop or a new, unlocked Android tablet. I will want to use GMAIL, Internet and data downloads either using the Galaxy phone as a modem, or or my Huawei 3G USB modem. I guess the Android tablet will not need these as it will have 3G built in to use the new SIM card directly?

The amount of data I need is not important, but I would like up to 1GB if possible.

Can you please recommend a SIM card and plan to do as much of this as possible?

If no one card can do this can you please suggest the best options for me. I can buy here in Australia a dual SIM card phone.


Thank you for your inquiries.

I would like to recommend two SIM cards. One is for China;another is for Hong Kong. Because Hong Kong is a special region, China sim card can not be used there well, specially no any data usage when China SIM card is in Hong Kong.

I would like to recommend China 3G SIM card for using in Shenzhen.
Price for the first month (The SIM card + Plan): USD79.00 includes 800MB data, 240 minutes domestic calls and free incoimg calls.
The next month is $30.00 including the above plan.
To activate international call feature, it needs to be recharged USD38.00 airtime.

The Hong Kong SIM card price is $29.00
It can be activated unlimited data plan for 7 days trip or one months trip.
$18.00 for 7 days unlimited data plan.

Android tablet will have 3G built in to use the new SIM card directly. We also will provide you data connection setting info. on user guidesw.

The above two sim cards features are more than the ones on the wbsite. If you needed, I can email you an online invoice to combine them on the one invoice.

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