Problem with China Mobile Recharge Cards

by Kelly

I bought 2 x 100RMB recharging cards for my phone. I live in shanghai in jinqiao. Currently I am in Xian and want to recharge my phone. The number to call on my cards is 10086 but the English message doesn't give me the option to recharge my phone. It rings and rings, then I get a message in mandarin. Usually when I buy theses cards the number to call is different. I don't know what to do, I need these credits on my phone. Can you help? My phone number is 1502101xxxx and the numbers on the back of my two cards are: 42 3973 7388 2766 xxxx and 42 3560 8714 4285 xxxx. Thank you for your help

Please email us one of the recharge card back image. So we know what type of the recharge cards you bought. Then, we can add credit on your number.

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