How to suspend a China Mobile number while in overseas ?

by Mark

I purchased a China Mobile SIM card for my china Nokia phone in Reference 138 4097 xxxx. Dalian on 11/6/13 at the China Mobile office. Also a work colleague set up his phone with a CM SIM at the same time. We each established our own passwords. We also each paid 100RMB credit so we can suspend our service when we leave the country so to keep the number active at 5 RMB per month until our return early next year.

When I was at the airport, I called the 10086 number to suspend my service and connected to the English speaking lady at China Mobile. She asked for my password and I gave to her four times my same password I set in the store in Dalian.
She said the password was incorrect and this cannot be possible unless the ladies in the Dalian office put in my password incorrectly. So my service is not suspended. I request that it be suspended. I do not want to pay 88 RMB per month and this is not my fault.

The other number 138 4098 xxxx has a different password and I was not able for her to verify that one either. I have both passwords and can provide them if this will be helpful. How can we repair this situation now that I am not in China? Thank you.

Please call the following China Mobile number. Please let them put you through China Mobile Dalian English Customer Service.

+86 13800100186

If you registed the SIM card under your name, they can identify you by your name and passport number.

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