How can I check if my SIM card is still active ?

by Seng

I bought a China Unicom Prepaid SIM card while visiting Guangzhou from 24 to 28 Sep 2013. I will be going to Guangzhou and Shenzhen this Friday. I am now in Malaysia.

How can I check if my SIM card is still active so that I can reload it. As I will also be going to Shenzhen this trip, can my SIM card which I bought from Guangzhou be used in Shenzhen?

Answer: If the SIM card has credit before you left China, it should be OK to recharge. It had almost two months only after you used the SIM card last time in China.

Another way to check is to call the number. If the prompts say that the phone is turned off, it indicates the number is valid; if the prompts says that the number does not exist, it means that the number is invalid. The number has gone.

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