China Hong Kong 2 in 1 SIM Card Q & A

by Felsa

How many minutes or credit is included in the China-Hong Kong sim?

* Include HKD 60.00.

On the China-Hong Kong sim will the SIM CARD provide:
- Full use in both China and in HONG KONG.
- make calls within China, and within Hong Kong, and between China and Hong Kong

* Yes.

- Be able to call to US

* Yes

- also receive calls from US

* Yes

- Provide data/internet access for one card

* Yes
- data access should include US web sites such as Google (China may/used to limit some internet access)

* Google or some other websites such as Facebook, etc.. can not be accessed in China. Those are banned by Chinese Government. You may use a third party VPN service to bypass.

- A second SIM card will NOT use data/internet - will it avoid all data/internet charges?

* If you don't use the internet, there is no data charges.

- Is a passport copy required to buy it?

* Not request for this type SIM card.

- Does one have to reenter their Credit Card Number or Passport when one uses the internet to RECHARGE/TOP-OFF for more Minutes of Talk or MB of Data?

* You can use Paypal and don't need give us credit card number. No passport needed.

- or can the amount be charged to the credit card on file from when one purchased the original bundle

* No. It needs to be paid through Paypal interface.

- When one RECHARGES,can one add arbitrary amounts of USD to the account.

* No. There is a fixed amount as the lowest $9.00.

- Where is the exact web page (URL) used to RECHARGE/Top-up the "China, Hong Kong Two In One Prepaid SIM Card"

* Here is China & Hong Kong SIM recharge page

Click right side of $18.00 recharge value, a lower value appears.

* The above page can be accessed in the US, China, Hong Kong and other countries.

- when one is in the US ?
- when one is in China ?
- when one is in Hong Kong ?
- are these web sites in English ?

- Is the lowest TOP-UP amount $8, and what is next larger amount?

* The lowest TOP-UP amount is $9.00. You may order more than $18.00 by adjusting order quantities on the shopping cart.

- Since Google is not available in China, what WEB-SEARCH sites are available that are in English?
- What about,, or ?

*, is available here.

- Is Google eMAIL (Not web search) available from China?

* Gmail is not available either.

- Is Google MAPS (Not web search) available from China?

* Not available. We use Bing Map instead.

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