Can iPhone 5S A1457 use China Unicom 3G Service ?

by Ozgur

Thanks for your website and publications. I have a chaos and i think you are only the one who can help me.

I am in China, Nantong now. Arrived here 5 days ago for business. Expecting to stay 2 months more. I have iPhone 5S A1457 (european).

I bought CHINA MOBILE prepaid SIM Card with 5GB package. I can make & receive calls also internationally. I can use internet but in
EDGE/2G Speed only.

Could not communicate with China Mobile nor Apple store.

There should be a solution somewhere. Your guidance is highly appreciated. Many thanks in advance even answer.

Thank you, xiexie.


Did you refer that you can not call China Mobile. It's number is 10086. It is free of charge calling from your phone.

Thanks for the reply but you misunderstood me.
I reached customer service 10086. But they told me they do not support 3/4G. They are selling iPhone 5S on the market.
I am now in china and stay along. I want to use my high speed internet. But I can not. Why ?
Or please give me an idea to use high speed internet without Wi-Fi. I can change another carrier. Model is iPhone 5S A1457.
I really need your urgent help. Thank you.

China Unicom offers true 3G service. You can buy 3G SIM card from their store. Service number is 10010.
No matter China Mobile or China Unicom, we can provide online top up service. Thank you.

on that article Apple Support says,

"Only certain iPhone models will work on the China Mobile network. To see if your iPhone is compatible, please check its model number, which
is on the back of your iPhone, under the word "iPhone".

Due to regulatory and carrier requirements, model numbers A1528 and A1526 aren't certified for use on China Mobile's 3G and 4G networks but may connect to their 2G network. An iPhone with model number A1533 or A1532 isn't compatible with China Mobile.

Only an iPhone with model number A1518, A1516, A1530, or A1529 on the back of the iPhone is certified to support TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE in

What about A1457 which I bought from Europe.?
Customer service of China mobile says you can not use. True, I am unable to use.

But how about China Unicom? Can I use high speed internet of China Unicom with iPhone 5S model A 1457 ?????

I called China Unicom. They recommend that you contact directly to Apple After Sales Service (China). The phone number is 4006 272 273, press 2 for English line. They may ask you your iphone imei number. Please write down before you make a call.

I just called the above number. Apple Support says, China Unicom 3G network will work on my iphone 5S A1457 if I use its 3G SIM card . Thank you.

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May 07, 2014
by: Anonymous

Nice post. I learned something new.

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