calling a China Mobile subscriber from Canada

by Michael
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

My friend lives in Shenzhen, and we have been trying to connect in the last six months. I already know it is not my phone, because I have called other countries before.

My friend just recently changed her number because the last number, was calling someone else. However, my friend changed her number and now this number is telling me whenever I call it that the number does not exist. When she tries to call me it disconnects her phone.

Although, China Mobile has told her in many occasions that her phone can give incoming and receive outgoing calls this situation is not happening.

We need to resolve this issue now because it has been going on for too long. I would like to know if you can help us to resolve this issue.

Thank you,


Hi Michael,

My first suggestion is to swap the SIM card into another phone. If result is the same, Please let me know her number.

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