Check Balance on China Mobile Number

by Caspary

We bought two China-Mobile SIM Cards recently. Now our gentlemen are travelling in China and using their phones. I would like to know which balance should be filled up again and now I am wondering: How can I check from here (Germany) the balance of two China Mobile SIM Card accounts? Is there a way to do it via Internet?


The China Mobile number balance can be checked from handsets in China by dial 13800138000, press 2 for Englsih prompts and further press 2 for balance in RMB(currency). Balance can be recharged (refilled) via China SIM Card Top Up
Thank you.

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Jul 17, 2016
cmcc network NEW
by: Anonymous

Wanna know my own no. How to check

Nov 13, 2015
A Way to Checking Balance
by: Gang

Balance can be checked by sending an SMS with the text "ye" to the number 10086. In a moment, you receive an SMS reply with current pre-paid balance.

Sep 23, 2015
How can i transfermy balance
by: Bhushan

I want to transfer my balance from one sim of china unicom to my other sim.

Answer: The credit is not able to transferred between sim cards.

Aug 20, 2015
Deduction of balance from my mobile
by: Mastoi

i have load recharge my mobile balance of 100 hundred RMB but after one recharging 52 yuan deducted immediately in account for word fees, and now after one week deduction of further 38 yuan now balance is 10 RMB . WHY so much amount without any reason deducted from my number i am surprised please reply that why such amount is deducted really it is not good .


Some cities prepaid numbers allow some outstanding fee. Thus, a new recharge amount may offset the outstanding. Also, please aware data charges. We recommend that you set up a data plan. Otherwise, data rates are quite high. If you don't understand some deduction, please call 10086 or visit China Mobile offices. They can help you.

Feb 16, 2012
not possible to check the blance on the SIM card as described
by: mike rooney

you indicate how to check the balance of money remaining on the sim card. This is not correct.

It is not easy to determine how much remains on the China Mobile SIM card.

Why do you not allow or show users how to do that?

Answer: The SIM cards are issued in different cities have different ways to check balance. If 13800138000 does not work, please dial 10086 to reach customer service. If you are not in the city where purchased the SIM card, please transfer the call to the city your number belongs to.

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